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  1. 10K POT. w/ Push-Swith & RGB Shaft

    Hello, I've got a quotation for 100 pieces of 12PLRGBSD1VBF-D-15F-2B10K-001-6H from TOP-UP It's a linear 10K Potentiometer with RGB Led Shaft and Push-Switch of 0.3mm travel. Price is 3.90$ each. 100 pieces is a minimum and this is not very big. I haven't got shipment price for the moment. Specifications: The shaft type: Flatten(F) shaft length: 15mm Taper: Linear(2B) resistance value: 10K Drawing(pdf)  / Specs(pdf) / Taper(pdf) Who wants some?  
  2. [FS] BLM 16x4 PCB v2.0

    I have redesigned my BLM 16x4 board to fit other buttons than the Marquardts 6425 series. These have an excellent tactile feedback, but they are somewhat on the expensive side (at least if you need 64 of them like on this board). So, in terms of functionality, the new v2 version is exactly as its predecessor, see the Wiki. However, it now fits the following switches: - Marquardt 6425 series - ITT Schadow D6 series - E-Switch 612-TL1100 series (The latter are the exact same ones as used by Wilba on the SEQ v4 board, or on the TPD board.) Unfortunately, I don't have a picture with the TL1100 on the PCB. PM me if interested in a BLM 16x4 v2 PCB, selling price is 25€ plus shipping. I can also make complete kits available should there be any interest. I am located in Germany, shipping this board should be reasonably cheap - I can check if you send me your location. Best regards ilmenator
  3. TL1240 Illuminated Switch

    Hi folks, In the Wilba BOM docs there is this sentence. Can someone tell me what the actually means? I understand they are 8.2mm (seems small) and that the gap (10mm) and panel (3mm) means they would actually be below the panel surface. How would this work? Does this mean you can't actually install the encoders at all in order to bring the 10mm gap down?
  4. LED button switch - TC011

    Hey guys   I evaluated an LED backlit push button switch for my Synth project. Well Buying's TC011-A S4 T turned out to be the perfect switch for my needs:         Although called tact switch, it feels more like a push button switch with a smooth pressure point and doesn't have the distinct click of a membrane switch. It's more like a Marquart but with a stronger spring resistance and a more defined switching point. The cap is 11x11 mm, translucent with a white diffusor cap inside (other versions with only square white caps are also available), as well as an ergonomic indent. There are different color options as well as duocolor and RGB available. Unfortunately, the duocolor version (colors can be chosen freely, as far as I know) is a bidirectional setup, where the LED has to be adressed by switching the polarity of the two leads.   The switches can be obtained relatively cheap directly from the manufacturer Wellbuying from China. For a lot of 100 pcs, I paid only USD 0.78 a piece for a single color version.   If anybody is interested, I can post pictures of the yellow as well as the orange version in action. I also have a contact, if somebody needs switches. Meanwhile, they are also available through Mouser, but for a much higher price.     Find an individually addressable four button PCB eagle schematic for single LED type TC011s including the part library:  LEDSwitch_Matrix_0.7_4.brd LEDSwitch_Matrix_0.7_4.lbr LEDSwitch_Matrix_0.7_4.sch Important: In case you want to use these PCBs in conjunction with a Schaeffer frontpanel with standoffs (no through hole), the mounting holes on the PCB need to be further apart as the glued on standoffs have quite a large base which otherwise interfer with the routed holes for the buttons.
  5. hello , sorry for my question and for my english , greetings from Spain . I fell very afraid thinking that  interrupting suddenly the power pressing the switch to off  position could create a disaster in my sammichSID some day .  Do you think it could happen some day ? or its the only way to turn off the unit ? . is it secure ? i always had a bad feeling about interrupt the power of any hardware .  Someone knows another way to turn off the power without pressing the switch ?      thanks very much and sorry for disturb.