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  1. Mixed LCD Types CLCD/GLCD

    TK about mixed CLCD/GLCD: maybe it is already implemented, the actual bootloader says: [2781.832] help [2781.832] Welcome to Bootloader 1.018! [2781.832] Following commands are available: [2781.832] set fastboot <1 or 0>: if 1, the initial bootloader wait phase will be skipped (current: 1) [2781.832] set single_usb <1 or 0>: if 1, USB will only be initialized for a single port (current: 1) [2781.832] set spi_midi <1 or 0>: if 1, SPI MIDI interface will be enabled (current: 0) [2781.833] set enforce_usb_device <1 or 0>: if 1, USB device mode will be enforced (current: 0) [2781.833] set device_id <value>: sets MIOS32 Device ID to given value (current: 0 resp. 0x00) [2781.833] set usb_name <name>: sets USB device name (current: 'Proton') [2781.833] set lcd_type <value>: sets LCD type ID (current: 0x00 - CLCD) [2781.833] set lcd_num_x <value>: sets number of LCD devices (X direction, current: 2) [2781.834] set lcd_num_y <value>: sets number of LCD devices (Y direction, current: 1) [2781.835] set lcd_width <value>: sets width of a single LCD (current: 128) [2781.835] set lcd_height <value>: sets height of a single LCD (current: 64) [2781.835] lcd_types: lists all known LCD types [2781.835] testlcdpin: type this command to get further informations about this testmode. [2781.835] store: stores the changed settings in flash (and updates all LCDs) [2781.835] restore: restores previous settings from flash [2781.835] reset: resets the MIDIbox (!) [2781.835] help: this page [2823.093] lcd_types [2823.094] List of known LCD types: [2823.094] 0x00: CLCD [2823.094] 0x01: CLCD_DOG [2823.094] 0x80: GLCD_CUSTOM [2823.094] 0x81: GLCD_KS0108 [2823.094] 0x82: GLCD_KS0108_INVCS [2823.094] 0x83: GLCD_DOG [2823.094] 0x84: GLCD_SSD1306 [2823.094] 0x85: GLCD_SSD1306_ROTATED [2823.095] 0x86: GLCD_SED1520 [2823.095] You can change a LCD type with 'set lcd_type <value>' [2823.095] Please note that newer types could have been integrated after this application has been released! lcd_type will set all Displays to the same Type (i think)   i want to mix one 2x40 CLCD with 2 GLCD (SSD1206) on a STM32F4 core   where to start? i bet i have to use "GLCD_CUSTOM", and have to write a custom driver - which i actually dont know how to. but maybe someone has already.   thx 4 help
  2. A rainbow picture for Jaytee! ;)

    From the album Antichambre "stuff and work"

    An old picture of the ili9361 driver testing, this 1,8" RGB TFT has 160x128 pixels, it is connected in SPI 4wires to the dipCoreF4. The module cost 6$ at buydisplay!
  3. Hi all, I'm building a DJ MIDI controller. I'm trying to switch to NG, I studied a little, but I did not find anything on how to make new fonts. In the video I did some by the conventional method. How can I make a new font in the NG method? See the video, i can make this in NG (GLCD1306)? Tks, Marco.  
  4. Hello where do we connect the CS1 and CS2 of a GLCD 128x64 to the STM32F4 core. This is the way I think should be connected: GLCD        STM32F4 1(CS1)       ? 2(CS2)       ? 3(VSS)       VS(J15A) + 10K Pot 4(Vdd)        VD(J15A) 5(Vo)          10K Pot 6(D/I)          ?  R/S(J15A) 7(R/W)        RW(J15A) 8(E)             E(J15A) 9(DB0)        D0(J15A) 10(DB1)      D1(J15A) 11(DB2)      D2(J15A) 12(DB3)      D3(J15A) 13(DB4)      D4(J15A) 14(DB5)      D5(J15A) 15(DB6)      D6(J15A) 16(DB7)      D7(J15A) 17(RST)      ? 18(VEE)      10K Pot 19(A)           B+(J15A) 20(K)           B-(J15A)   Attached the specifications of the GLCD I searched for this all over the site but I didn’t find anything about it. Have I missed something? Thank you WDG0151.pdf
  5. Hi everyone! I thought it might be a good idea to be able to print variable width font on GLCD. I wrote a simple example using this (see pictures and code in vfw.tar.gz). I don't think it was done before with MIOS? (I made a quick search). The font bitmap are exported from TTF file using a very quick (and ugly) C program based on Freetype (it might be Linux only... Freetype was an easy option for me, and a good font rasterizer). It takes as input the TTF file and a size, which is then exported as a .c file, which can then be included inside MIOS app (one file per font and size).   font.c   vfw.tar.gz
  6. IMG-0292.JPG

  7. STM32F4-Bottom

    From the album STM32F4-MoNo

    bottom view

    © mOnO

  8. 100 0601 SMALL

    From the album STM32F4-MoNo

    top view of the board without the displays/discovery-board...

    © mOnO

  9. 100 0600 SMALL

    From the album STM32F4-MoNo

    my 2nd STM32F4-Board. Running the DOGM-GLCD-Demo...

    © mOnO

  10. Hello,   I'm trying to run upgrade MidiBoxLC v1.6e on a PIC18F4620 with MIOS v1.9g. But after many ours of struggling, searching the forum for answers and testing some settings, I didn't find a way to get the glcd running. If I compile and upload the hex file, it looks like as if the ram for the fonts was overwritten (there is only rubbish at glcd). MIOS Studio says:      Reading setup_midibox_unit0.hex      Trying to contact the core...       setup_midibox_unit0.hex contains 18860 bytes (75 blocks).       Range 0x00003000-0x00007aff (19200 bytes) - PIC Flash       Upload of 19200 bytes completed after 11.37s (1.65 kb/s) So, it shows that area 07cfc-07fff (where MIOS font is stored) is not affected.   - I can upload app Mios example app lcd7/ks0108 and I get the correct welcome screen. So this works. - I can upload my compiled MidiBoxLC and pushing buttons or touching faders are producing midi events I can see in MIOS Studio.   Things I've done and/or tried: - copied app_lcd.asm /.ins/.lcd from projekt lcd7/ks0108 into MidiboxLC folder modules/app_lcd/dummy/ - In set PIC to 18F4620 - I also tried to edit file p18f4620.lkr in MIOS_Base/etc/lkr to split memory page as shown in but this doesn't work for me.   And now I need an idea which setting I am missing ... Thanks for any advice, Stefan