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  1. hey. i started a wiki: its the last peace of my Photon X25 Midification... it could be the hardest part...   the Controller uses one IR-LED as Sender, and 4 IR Transistors to receive the Axis (while Z-Axis is some Delta of all 4 Transistors) I painted all Traces on the PCB, and the Circuit is pretty Simple: ... the datasheet of the ICs says that the uses a 24Bit Audio Stereo ADC from Alesis which runs on Wordclock.... (still aviable for 2,9dollars...) i defintivly have no glue how or if there is a way to interface that to the Midiboxworld..., ...maybe i will end up by removeing the ADCs, and go directly in J5A of Core32F4...   but maybe i understand something completely wrong... it could be that the LED send some Signal (not just ON all the time), maybe its necessery, maybe not...   how ever, i ask you for help, or your thougts. - mike