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  1. Hello!  Really digging deeper and deeper into the MBSQ. Loving it so far! I come from a band background and am doing a lot of electronic livesets at the moment where 'the human touch' is essential. I haven't figured a way out for my problem/option/(request?) and couldn't find anything on the forum here.. So here goes: It would be great to be able to select a note and move it a little to the left or right - timing-wise - with the for example fast-forward or backward buttons. Like in the newer Elektron stuff where you can select a note and adjust the micro-timing by moving it a few ticks forward and backwards. I notice that with my Tempest this has drastic results in making it feel more human :-) A great addition to this feature would be an added parameter at the humanization section which randomly varies the 'ticks/micro-timing'!  Please excuse me if this is already available. I'm still absorbing the manual and this might just passed my brain (or my brain was full after nights of reading and practicing).
  2. hei   searching for a supllier (EU/Austria) for a SD-Slot   -  like on STM32F4 Core, or even better would be a micro-SD  -  slot  - because i have a size & price topic!   i also need a Footprint/lib for it   -  Eagle or Kicad   - or any other Format which can be easy converted to KICAD (thats what i use)   --- so anything that is in the standart library of these programs - and is available in EU   i found @reichelt and its looks pretty much like the STM32F4 cores socket... (happy that they have a slot now!)   Then the interconnection to the core for me is not clear, @latigid on i think you can help - since you have expierience whith your wcore,    i have this pin-out: dont know if it is right up to now, and one -i- not connected yet - the CS maybe --- maybe total wrong what i have done... the datasheet from reichelts socket is: qest: are the pinout-Numbers of a Slot Normed? (like on a XLR-Plug, or a Midi-Connector?)  
  3. Clock divisions

    So I found this amazing project and I'm all geared up to build one with the BLM 16x16+X extension. I've been going through the documentation for SEQv4, and I keep finding things that blow my mind. Things that I just can't do with commercial sequencers, or even with a DAW. Excellent stuff! A couple things I'm curious about, though - related to clock divisions and timing on tracks. I know I can set a track to have a different time division relative to the MIDI clock, which is great for doing polyrhythms and really changing the color of a song section. Is there a way to do this over multiple tracks at once during live performance? Also, is there a way to change the Quick Selection Timebases? I do a lot of stuff with odd time signatures and tempo changes to individual parts, so these functions would be absolutely indispensable.