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  1. Hi Folks ! My LCD problem is solved, my E131 sd card problem seems to be solved......No I'm facing a wilba frontpanel problem... I created the attended directory tree on the SD card: - file MBSEQ_HW.V4 (Wilba's one) at the root of the SD - directory SESSIONS and DEFAULT session created via MIOS terminal Booting the MB lead me to this weird screen: G1:Unnamed             G2: Unnamed           G3: Unnamed           G4: Unnamed NoCat 1: A1 _ _ _ _  NoCat 2: A1 _ _ _ _   NoCat 3: A1 _ _ _ _  >>> NoCat 4: A1 _ _ _ _  Typing sdcard tells me there is no MBSEQ_BM.V4 at the root. So I copied the /SESSIONS/DEFAULT MBSEQ_BM.V4 at the root of the sd and I now get this screen: MIDIbox Seq v4.092               1.1.1                  /SESSIONS/DEFAULT                140.0BPM     Bookmarks              About this MIDIbox<     Open Save SaveAs New Delete        Info The About this MIDIbox< is slightly flickering on the rightmost of the left LCD display... Anyway...I'm pretty sure the wiring is correct but I can't get out of this screen, whichever button or encoder I press.... Could this non responsive frontpanel come from a badly tuned MBSEQ_HW.V4 file ? Which options have to be modified for a "traditional" wilba's frontpanel (with beat led) and no tpd setup.... Cheers, Tom.    
  2. Hey guys, After a bit of troubleshooting I thought I would post here to see if anyone could help. I have two MBHP_MIDI_IO modules connected to my MBHP_CORE_STM32F4. All of the Input/Outputs of the first MBHP_MIDI_IO work but on the second MBHP_MIDI_IO (which is daisy chained to the first) all work apart from OUT3. After checking the IC's and all the soldering etc I swapped the MBHP_MIDI_IO boards around and still OUT3 was not working (this time it was on the other MBHP_MIDI_IO). So both boards are working but for some reason OUT3 is not getting any output. On the Midibox Seq MIDI monitor it looks like data is being sent out but nothing arrives at the output.  Anyone know what might be the issue here? Cheers, Steve
  3. [SOLVED] SD card error E131

    Hi folks ! Now that my LCD display work fine, I'm trying to get my wilba frontpanel to work... Precision: everything is soldered on the CS pcb, except the leds (I'm waiting for my frontpanel to be delivered).... When the CS pcb is NOT plugged in, I don't have any error message whether I put standard's, TK's or Wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of my fat 32 formatted SD Card. Turning the MB on leads me to the main page as shown here . With the wilba's MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the root of my SD card, when I plug the CS PCB (from J1 on the CS PCB to J8/9 on core module), I get this error: >> |!! SD CARD ERROR !! |<< >>| E131 (FatFs : D  0)      |<< I learned german at school, but this is kind of a long time ago, so I may have misunderstood this discussion . : TK said: "E131 steht fuer ein ungueltiges Bank Format (irgendetwas stimmt nicht mit den MBSEQ_B*.V4 Files in Deiner Session)" This E131 means there is something wrong with my MBSEQ_B*.V4 in my session.....The fact is that my SD card only has the MBSEQ_HW.V4 at the FS root....No /SESSIONS directory or else...When I type sdcard in the MIOS termial, I only get MBSEQ_C.V4 and MBSEQ_HW.V4 files listed as valid (the output of sdcard tells me there is no /SESSIONS/DEFAULT/ files etc.) The previously quoted topic talks about a D9 error.....but I get a D0 error....and no luck with any search in the forum or the web... Any idea of what could have gone wrong ? Cheers, Tom.
  4. [solved] LCD Problem

    Hi folks, I'm building my seq V4 and am facing a major problem: my LCD displays only show a row of black squares... I'm building a wilba frontpanel. The MBHP bootloader is in my STM32F4 board: MIOS Studio tells: Operating System : MIOS32 Board : MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 Core Family : STM32F4xx Chip ID: 0x10076413 Serial: #320041000D51353235363632 Flash Memory Size: 1048576 bytes RAM Size: 196608 bytes MIDIbox SEQ V4.092 MIOS Studio proposes 4 Midi Ins and outs for the Midibox (named MIDIbox SEQ V4, MIDIIN2 (MIDIBox Seq V4), MIDIIN3 (MIDIBox Seq V4) and MIDIIN4 (MIDIBox Seq V4). MIOS Studio is also able to see what's on my SD card, but it seems like the core board can't read neither the wilba MBSEQ_HW.V4 nor the standard MBSEQ_HW.V4 files which are located at the root of my SD card (when I try to edit the MBSEQ_HW.V4 with the MIOS File browser, I get an "Invalid response from MIOS32 core during read operation" after about 14% of the file has been downloaded) I must add that my frontpanel isn't completely finished yet, so nothing else than the LCD displays are plugged on the MBHP_core_PCB (bought on smashTV shop). This is the LCD I bought and its datasheet. It seems like the LCD for the seq V4 must use a HD44780 controller. The ones I got uses a ST7066U  controller but are said to be compatible with HD44780... I tweeked the contrast and luminance pots but none of my tries gave any effect on displaying good things... I verified the connections and everything is at its own place (Seq ground to LCD ground, seq Vd to LCD Vd, etc. ) Any idea of what could be wrong ? Cheers, Tom.  
  5. WTB MIDIbox SEQ V4 England UK

    Hello, I really want a midibox v4 but don't have the time / will / skill / patience to find all of the parts and build it all to a high standard. I'm looking for something in the UK preferably. I'd like it to be fully built, be well made and in full working order including a nice case. I wouldn't mind trying to build it if I could just have a full kit with everything including the case with it but it'd prefer pre-built or built to order.  Thanks, Pete
  6. [B] Buying a MIDIbox SEQ V4 (UK)

    Hi All, I have been looking for a good midi sequencer for a while. I tried a couple of things out there but nothing satisfying.  I won't have so much spare time to get into DIY. If someone has a MIDIbox SEQ V4 for sale in UK, ideally in London please let me know I am very interested.
  7. YEAH! Weihnachten ist gerettet!! Muss jetzt nur noch jemanden finden, der sich um meine Kinder und Arbeit kümmert. Ich habe zu tun...
  8. Low Orbit Meditation

    Dreaming of clouds... :-)   featuring a fearless UFO alien pilot, a MIDIbox SEQ, an Alesis Andromeda, and a Moog LP :-)   Hope you like it, thanks for watching and listening! Peter
  9. Drum notes not saving? bug?

    I seem to have discovered a bug with drum tracks...   I have turned Group 1 Track 4 into a drum type (2*32/128)   most of the default midi notes work with my volca (BD=C1, SD=D1 etc) and these work fine   BUT the ones that I have to change (PH from G#1 to G1 for instance) are being accepted initially (ie I can set them up and then sequence the notes correctly) BUT upon erasing the track they always go back to their defaults (G1 in this case) ...even if I have gone into presets and logged these changes as a new preset (I created a kit called BEATS in this case with all the notes mapped correctly)   How can I get these changed notes to just "be" the notes, even after I erase the track, or is this a bug?   thanks   Phill
  10. #1 front

    From the album My #1 MIDIbox SEQ

    What shall I say, I'm just proudly showing off.

    © WTF Public License

  11. Analog Mind

    Hola,   it has been a busy year already, but finally found the time to hit the keys, this time focussing on the Alesis Andromeda (only accompanied by the FS1R and the Machinedrum) - copter footage filmed in Fuerteventura - hope you enjoy! :-)   Thanks for watching, listening and your comments! :-) Many greets, Peter
  12. #1 back

    From the album My #1 MIDIbox SEQ

    © WTF Public License

  13. Hola,   a new track live from the studio using the MIDIbox SEQ, an Alesis A6 and the MB6582 (and some aerial footage :-)) I tried to re-record this one in cubase, but it would sound far worse than the original take, so the original it is :-).   Needless to say, i am really thankful for the MIDIbox hardware - fantastic and so much better than software for me :-)   Many greets and thanks for watching and listening! Peter  
  14. UPDATE: Ich habe das Problem mit einem Midi-Keyboard gelöst. Aber wäre trotzdem schön, wenn mir jemand das mit dem Seq. erklärt.   Hallo an alle, die noch nicht am Strand/See/Kanal/Fluss sind! Ich möchte mein Doepfer MCV4 Midi-Interface umprogrammieren, damit dieser am CV3-Ausgang aus Velocity (vom Seq. V3) CV ausgibt.   Danke
  15. IMG 0285

    Backside Midibox SEQ V4 - Upgrade from V3 with additional Midi IN/OUT 3 + 4 and 4x IIC and 4x LTC 8x IIC (hacked)
  16. IMG 0284

    Frontside Midibox SEQ V4 - Upgrade from V3 with additional Midi IN/OUT 3 + 4 and 4x IIC and 4x LTC 8x IIC (hacked)
  17. Hi there fellow midi heads.   this is a very genuine request for anyone on this forum who has a Midibos Seq V4  or V4 lite that they are contemplating parting with or building for a little extra funds.   I am a very serious dedicated all live musician, my act MyOneManBand revolves around me building EVERY track live from the ground do this I use LOADS of MIDI equipment, a lot of them with very lack-lustre sequencers.   So I guess, this is a plea. I'm not a builder or a solderer, I wish I was, but Im just a humble musician who loves what I do, and now I have found what looks like the best tool for the job, but I am hoping that one of you has a Midibox going spare, and which you would be so kind as to sell to me to genuinely help me in my own music making.   here is my work and more about me   I am not arich musician, I am just a normal guy but I will always try to pay what is fair for the tools I use.   thanks for reading, please PM me or email me at if you have anything for sale.   I am currently based in Belgium but will be returning to the UK in a short while.   thanks   Phill MyOneManBand.

    hi i want to buy a midibox seq v4, i have things i can trade possibly, but yeah it would help me out to have more sequencer tracks and i only like midibox. cheers.
  19. hi, ive tried to work with electronics and soldering and etc, and i dont have the patience to sit and work, i have a funked up back with S1-L5 rods trying to decompress and fusions of discs and i just can sit and do this project.   if anyone can build me a v4 as basic as you want to save your time , please let me know, honestly i cant do this for the life of me , unless i get really drunk and then i can sit but im sure i will solder my face after tumbling off the chair. peace guys and thanks for making this sequencer , its got all the features i want. my email is cheers again. neel
  20. hello every one, my name is trey i'm a totally blind electronic musician from england and i'm doing djing and electronic music production in college.    i've been on a quest to find a polyphonic hardware midi sequencer that has an arpagator  that is tactile and  is not menu based. after much discussion about this over on gear sluts  see this  thread for more info:    i came to the conclution that the midi box seq v4 light would be just perfect.    how ever i have a big problem i  know nothing aboutt building electronics or programming, i also have cerebral palsy which means i have only the use of one hand. this means i'm unable to build a midi box v4 light for my self so would it be possible for some one prefibly in the uk to build one for me? i know that asking this is not the done thing in this community and i appoligise if this request offends any one. but i feel that because of the nature of my disabilities i have no other option but to make this request if any one has any other ideas please let me know i hope you can help me and i really hope i haven't upset any one kind regards trey.