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  1. hi everybody, it s my first post on this forum, a friend just build a midibox sequencer v4 for me, and the first thing i really can t do is how to change the pattern on theidibox at the same time i change mattern on my elektron analog rytm i know that analog rytm send program change on channel 14, i d like to keep the analog rytm as master but if it s not possible i would change. i tried with the mixer map but was not able to associate a map with a pattern, i hope someone will be able to help me and hope you will understand my bad english :-)
  2. UPDATE: Ich habe das Problem mit einem Midi-Keyboard gelöst. Aber wäre trotzdem schön, wenn mir jemand das mit dem Seq. erklärt.   Hallo an alle, die noch nicht am Strand/See/Kanal/Fluss sind! Ich möchte mein Doepfer MCV4 Midi-Interface umprogrammieren, damit dieser am CV3-Ausgang aus Velocity (vom Seq. V3) CV ausgibt.   Danke