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  1. Hi! I'm looking to build a simple Midimerger and need a programmed PIC 16F88 for that. Have got an open order from Mikes Elektronikseite, but that doesn't seem to work.   Is there anyone here, who would program a 16F88 for me? Living in Hessen, Germany   Thank you, have a good time.
  2. Hi folks,   I have to program four 16F88 PIC with the attached firmware and don't own a programmer. If one of you guys could do that for me I would be very pleased.   Best regards,   Uli   Solved! iic_midi_5-8.hex
  3. Cannot upload MIOS V1.9G

    Hello,   I have built many MIDIbox projects over the years including the SEQV3, SEQV4 and recently the SEQV4L.  I had an unused MBHP8 core lying around and I thought I would try playing with the MB808 project to see what it is like.   It's been a while since I worked with the MBHP8 core so maybe I am missing something simple.  I can't seem to get the MIOS V1.9G to load into the PIC.  I burned the Bootloader V1.2B_pic_18F4620 into the PIC with no problem and in MIOS Studio 2 it sees the MBHP8 core and says that it is ready.  I browsed to the MIOS V1.9 hex file and started the upload.  After quite a while (about 15-20 minutes) it reaches 100% and looks like the upload was successful.   I restart the core and the two 2x40 displays never show anything.  I tried this procedure many times and can never get any display on the LCDs.  I removed the pic18F4620 from my SEQV3 and plugged it in and the displays work normally so I know the core board and wiring are all good.   I have tried two different PIC 4620 chips, two different USB/MIDI converters and two different computers.  One computer uses XP and the other one is Windows 7.   Burning the bootloader and then the MIOS into the PIC has always been easy, but I have spent two days on this with no success.   Any ideas on what I am missing?   Regards,   Tim Heffield 
  4. Hi guys, I was impressed by your website, read it over and over again. Ordered the parts for a NG. (Thanks again Smashtv-Tim for your efforts.) Built it in a day, but understanding the software takes me a little longer. Maybe because my last programming experience was in the 70s... in Pascal. C(++) is new to me, but i'm getting the hang of it.   The midibox works, Mios Studio and the toolchain with Eclipse do, and I've scribbled some lines in the skeleton's app.c (a keyzone midifilter). Even that workes fine. Using Windows 7.  Now I want to take a more modular approach, but I'm having problems including modules into my program, even the existing ones in the repository.  I tried to include through the makefile of the skeleton. Like this:   include $(MIOS32_PATH)/modules/midi_filters/   Checked the paths and preferences, but I keep getting error messages, saying that the (modules) file or directory does not exist.   make all  rm -f project.hex arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe: project_build//C/Users/Joost/Midibox/SVNmios32/trunk/modules/midi_filters/midi_filters.o: No such file or directory make: *** [project_build/project.elf] Error 1   Does anyone see where I go wrong?