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  1. Hello Guys!  I read multiple topics here but I did not find answer exactly to that issue what I have and want to solve. I made a Midibox NG with STM32F4, Ainser64, DINs, etc. I found how to configure buttons and encoder behaviour, all is working great, but I am stucked with potentiometers, especially how to setup higher resolution and get the correct midi output what Traktor Pro can ‘’eat’’. In NGC file I made resolution=9..10..11 bit, range=0:511, 0:1023, 0:2047, depending on the bit depth setup, but all I got as midi signal is that the former 0...127 range (this was the range in 7 bit from CCW to full CW potentiometer turn) is divided multiple times to 0...127, 0...127, etc. ranges. I tried NRPN and Pitchbend type too, but no success. Am I doing sthg wrong, or MB NG is not supporting this in that way how I am thinking?  I would to control Traktor Pro pitch fader with a higher resolution, and with the mentioned ‘’divided’’ range, the pitch fader is not becoming more fine, and jumping back when CC changes from 127 to the next 0..127 range.   I am not sure that I wrote it correctly what I want, but hopefully understandable. I would have in a +/- xy % pitch range the finest resolution which is possible to achieve with MB NG and works well with Traktor Pro. Traktor is reacting to CC message, and 7bit resolution gives 64-64 steps from center to negative and to positive pitch range. This coarse resolution I would like to change to more fine steps.  It reacts to NRPN and Pitchbend messages too, but I could not achieve the same behaviour with higher resolution, like when CC is sent (xy steps in both directions from the center) Is it possible to do the a.m higher resolution fader steps with MB NG with CC, or NRPN, or Pitchbend event?  Many thanks for all of you for further help. Akos