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[S] [.fr] Offering ISA soundcard for parts for MBFM

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Giving for free + shipping cost (from France) a Packard-Bell soundcard for 16-bit ISA, was tested some years ago. Here are the interesting SMD parts onboard waiting for a MBFM project:

one YMF262-M

one YAC512-M

four TL074C

decoupling caps

14.318 MHz crystal, not SMD but HC49U package (it is easy to build an oscillator, just Google for schematics using a CD4069UB inverter gate biased at VDD/2 with a resistor between input and output, make sure you're using an unbuffered version UB suffix, and use the remaining gates for buffering your oscillator's output)

other parts:

one GD4053B SMD (cmos analog mux)

one 7805 voltage regulator TO-220 package, with screw & nut (no soldered tab)

one X24C00P EEPROM

one 12 MHz crystal, HC49U package

two short crystals, HC49US or similar (R245KD55, R169PD335)

one Crystal CS4231A soundchip

two Packard-Bell asics, probably for DMA and old CD-Rom control (has three sockets for Sony, Mitsumi, Panasonic drives from the days before IDE/ATAPI)

three stereo jacks

The card (found in a PC on the sidewalk) came with a Korg daughterboard that I will put in a box as a standalone GM expander 8). There is also a 558 quad timer (4x 555) in diL package that I am likely to recycle unless one really wants a complete card for gaming  :P

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