Can I get help in changing the button handler routine in midibox64

By Bassman in MIOS programming (Assembler),
I'm still a major newb, but wonder if I can accomplish this for the MB64 that I am trying to build, it's coming along, mainly thanks to everyone here. I want to change the button handler routine to clear a LED shift register then set the LED to indicate the toggled button. Basically, to show only the last pressed button and cancel previous LEDs. I don't want this to happen with all shift registers, just the ones that require it. I've studied the MB64_BUTTON_GP_NoSFB and MB64_BUTTON_OnOnly (the only situation I need it) and the MB64_BUTTON_Send and MB64_LED_Set routines, but I suspect the changes need to be made in MIOS. I don't want to mess with that as it's TK's work. Does anyone know how to begin with this? Keith
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