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MIDIbox of the Week (MIDIbox SID made by Kevin)


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It looks fantastic. It's got that old-school vibe to it, like it's a tribute to TK's original MB-SID case, but with the V2 mods to the CS and in sexy red and black. It's good to see someone build their own CS the hard way with veroboard and lots of wire, totally original and incredibly cool.

You've earned supreme respect from me for wiring up a control surface to match the default MB-6582 switch/LED matrix! That wiring was hard enough to do with "virtual" wires on a PCB - doing it with real wires must have taken a lot of patience and careful planning. In case people were wondering, that is a prototype of the new MB-6582 base PCBs about to go into full production.

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hey guys, thanks for the kind words!  this project was very fun, and now that it's done, damn, i can really see firsthand how cool the mbsid is in sound and function (awesome work TK)!    thanks to everyone who has helped me along that way, and TK rules for conceiving of the mbSID, and wilba for simplifying the design into the mb6582, awesome!...

That wiring was hard enough to do with "virtual" wires on a PCB

- doing it with real wires must have taken a lot of patience and careful planning.

Here's my "careful planning" for the wiring:


My first thought was to pass through all busses (JD8/JD7/JD6/JD5) to each CS module' date=' but I found that only a few wires from each bus was actually needed for most of the cs modules, so it helped to simplify and plan out, especially since I didn't quite have room on a couple of the modules for so many pins.  regardless, planning this out ahead of time on paper proved to be a great reference when i actually did the work!  I was able to plan the above diagram using Wilba's DIN and DOUT wiring diagrams and thus it matches Wilba's firmware almost verbatim, I only had to change a couple lines in the .asm and recompile for the PgUp/PgDown buttons.

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Where did you get the panel made?

hey seppoman' date=' I have this awesome friend with a CNC, he made 2 copies, one for me and one for him. hopefully someday, my box will have a twin. :-) 

I designed the color scheme using photoshop with art pulled from google, screengrabs from frontpanel designer, photos of the albs.de knobs, crystalfontz images, and other clipart i pulled from various places.    i tried about 20 different colorschemes before settling on this mockup.  Previsualization is very useful! :)

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Hey Sub, this looking great! Where are those DIN jacks with metal ring coming from.

I'm using this MIDI jack in the mbSID: Digikey CP-1235-ND (CUI SD-50LS). 

It fit perfectly into the c64's 2 port holes on the back (i.e. no cutting the c64 case!!)

Here's the one I used on the 9090, it's somewhat similar: Mouser 164-2522 (Deltron 651-0500)

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