MB-SEQ V3/V4 Control Surface PCB and matching case

By Wilba in MIDIbox SEQ,
**edit** just skip to the good stuff starting here: Everything between this post and that post is all design blog and "me too" posts.  :) ---------------------- I am curious to know how many people would be interested in using an ultracore PCB with a custom-made MB-SEQ V3 control surface PCB and a matching custom-made, laser-cut, power coated, silk screened, sheet steel sloping keyboard/desktop style case, which could have optional wood endcheeks or optional rack mounting "ears" and alternate port cutouts on the base so it can be mounted in a 3U rack space (just like the Access Virus Desktop Ti).  At a 50 quantity order, this case would be cheaper than a 3U rack panel from Schaeffer/FPE. I can't give actual prices of the PCBs and case, my best guess would be that the PCB should be under US$50 and the case under $200. Other parts like encoders, knobs, switches, switch caps, LEDs, LCDs etc. would be typically priced (nothing too exotic and expensive and should be easy to acquire in stores or through bulk orders). So... this thread is to collect names of people interested in the idea. If it's at all relevant, the control surface layout is done and the PCB layout is done, I'm currently designing the case and getting a prototype made.... so it's not going to be a year wait before it's ready.
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