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By stryd_one in Bulk Orders,
stryd_one's gone completely freakin craz.... ...wait... I was always crazy. Oh well. Okay so those of you unfortunate enough to be around me for the last few years will have heard countless complaints as I searched for the "perfect switch" and came up blank...Well I finally found them... at least for me anyway ;D I need lots, so I figure i would like to do a bulk order and share the love. Here's the deal: Two types of switches are to be ordered: 3FTL6 - These are the standard MEC "MultiMEC" tact switches. They're very high quality, with millions of repetitions and all that, and they have a sturdy click, both tangible and audible. Some people find them a bit too "clicky". They will be ordered without LEDs, but they can be illuminated with standard 3mm LEDs. That's a lot cheaper than buying them with the LEDs already in them! 3FTL6 "Quiet" These are my babies. They're custom-order only, have all the same specs as a normal 3F tact, exact same size, lifetimes, etc etc etc....but they don't click.... at all - tangibly or audibly. They're like a 1mm throw pushbutton, and they like te be stabbed at. It's actually kinda addictive ;) The closest approximation i can give is that they feel like pushing on a switch mounted on a rubber eraser (yaknow for removing pencil marks) And four types of caps: 1S - Clear 6.5mm round caps with a textured top that diffuses the LED and feels kinda grippy. These aren't custom order so you can find them online, but not this cheap. 1D - Translucent White 9.6mm diameter, look great with a LED behind them. Custom order. 1E - Same shape as above, body in grey or black, with translucent white LED window. Custom. Here's the catch: I don't have fixed pricing. I need numbers first, at least rough ones. This is where you guys come in. No, the switches aren't cheap. They're high quality, that's the way it goes ;) These are rough prices, in US$. 3FTL6 "Quiet" $1.80 3FTL6 UNKNOWN. $1 or so. Rapid has them for that price in single quantities so I expect less. I haven't asked yet. 1D.16 (Translucent white) 0.40c 1E.03.6 (Grey with translucent window) .80c 1E.09.6 (Black with translucent window) .80c 1S11.16.0 (Clear cylindrical) .40c These are for very low quantities, and custom orders usually drop a lot when you get decent quantity. For EG I expect the quiet switch to come down to around 1.50, maybe less if I'm lucky. Thes prices are at 100 quantity and I'm already approaching 2000. Here's the pr0n: [img width=800] [img width=800] [img width=800] L-R: 1S, 1E, 1E, 1D Thanks to wilba for taking these difficult shots - it's hard to get decent pix with the bright leds! So, if you like, speak up! Once I get an idea of numbers, I'll get a firm quote before you have to commit to anything.
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