Interactive (well kinda) SID Filter Cap Comparison

By nILS in MIDIbox SID, all started when I found a bag of mixed and partially very interestingly looking caps I had bought at pollin a while back. Surprisingly a lot of them came in pairs.... Long story short - 25 different filter pairs of filter caps on a 6582. Listen to it, make up your mind and vote! When enough people have voted I'll post which one is which, don't wanna ruin it just yet  :D Note to self: Save patches regularly, as disconnecting the gm5 to can result in a frozen PC and that means that you lost the patch you just made. And that means the last 12 or so samples don't use the exact same one... And all samples from 12 on will sound less beefy making it hard to compare. Just listen to the filter response, not the patch, mmmkay?
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