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Greetings everyone...

I'm a long-time audio DIY-er, but i've only quite recently started dabbling with/in the digital (hardware) world.

Now, for my big question: is there anyway to directly link 2 MBHP_IIC_MIDI modules to an MBHP_USB_PIC?

(or to something like THIS )

I'm aware that buying an interface would be far simpler, but... there's no DIY satisfaction in that  :P

Many thanks in advance,


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Oops  :-[

I guess i rushed a bit, and didn't read that page thoroughly enough. (And i thought the module connected to those 4 IIC interfaces was a Core module...)

So Eduy2kk, which configuration WORKS? USB-PIC + 1 IIC, or 4 IIC? And which PIC is in the interface, 2550 or 4550?

(I understand, you're not a native english speaker, but your reply is a bit confusing  :) )

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Lamentably my language is not English. I speaks Spanish, excuse you for my bad english.

In the link of the previous post explains in english well like to construct and programme it.

The module USB-PIC is not a module with the MIOS but with a specially designed soft. If you think to use only a one port of midi in / out you can use 2550, if you think to use two or more midi in / out must use 4550.

In the post that I you put later you have all the information to be employed at this,



Also you can see 2 converters and the GM5 is it the best alternative and works well on OS of PC and Mac




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I didn't mean any criticism or offense about the language, just that i didn't understand 100% what you meant, that's all  :) (I prefer to ask for clarification, than assume the wrong things  :P )

Hmm... Is there any special reason why there's the "one channel restriction" for the 2550? I carefully read the whole USB-PIC page yesterday, and (i think) the only reason why the 4550 is recommended is that TK only got a post-12-2007 4550 with the EUSART bug fixed, but not a "fresh" 2550.

But if there's a technical reason, i'd be curious about it. From what i could see in the datasheet, the big difference is 3 extra i/o ports (10 vs 13), and some other minor different features, which might not be used here.

The GM5 isn't really an option. I can't know WHEN the minimum order quantity will be met, plus i can put together the pic-based version quite easily, and 100% diy  :)

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