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Using LCD screen from 13" Macbook as S-Video monitor for C-64?

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It might just be an impossibility, but I wondered about this and thought I'd post it here in the miscellaneous to see if anyone has any ideas. I have a Macbook 13" that a friend gave me, he spilled a glass of water in it and it's been long dead. I wondered how I might go about sending a video signal to the screen, and have been trying to find pinouts on this LCD to try.

I am about to install an S-Video output on my C-64 via this link: http://www.bigmech.com/misc/c64mods/svideo.html

My idea is to mount the hinge assembly to the back of the 64 to allow the screen to fold down and flip up. I have seen other LCD's attached to 64's before but wondered if I couldn't just salvage this Macbook screen, as it's pretty large (and free so far). If anyone has any ideas, or could tell me to stop thinking about this because it won't ever work please let me know. Thanks!

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Thanks, I will try to check that out, though looks like it is in French.

I found that the screen I have is an LG-Philips LCD, Model LP133WX1-TLA1-1

There is a data sheet lurking out there somewhere, but the only link I have found so far turns up a bogus pdf: http://beyondinfinite.com/lcd/Library/LG-Philips/LP133WX1-TLA1.pdf

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I think the problem was with Adobe Reader, I installed Foxit and can now open it just fine. Thanks for verifying it works LeTran. After looking at the pdf and the 20 pin connector labeling I think this is a bit over my head ( what there's no "video in" pin??? :) ) Anyways, I might be better off using the cheap 7" lcd I have with a video input already on it. Problem with that one is the image quality is crappy, but I need to remind myself my mission is making music right now. Spending too much time making things to make music. The crappy one works and I can (mostly) read everything. The screen at least beats lugging around a Commodore 1702 Monitor to shows!

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I've looked briefly into stuff like this before now, and so far I've not found an easy way to turn a standard such as VGA or DVI into a vendor-specific LVDS interface - much less so a fairly old, low-res analogue standard such as S-Video. I'll be the first to admit that my research hasn't exactly been exhaustive but it looks like you're in for a hell of a lot of work.

That said, if you figure it out I'd love to see it!

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You need a heck of a lot more than just a "pinout" to do this. You need a controller board which will cost you around $100. And it has to be compatible with that exact screen, and have the right cable. Pretty much, it's not worth it.

I might be better off using the cheap 7" lcd I have with a video input already on it.

Yeah, that's what I'd do, until you can afford a larger/better resolution one.

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