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Elfa Bulk Order


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Now its like this, i have a friend who works at ELFA and that means...employeé discount!

So was thinking of asking here if anyone knows if ELFA has most of the required parts for the MBSEQ v4 Wilba version and maybe make a small-midsize bulkorder together using this opportunity.

Do anyone know here in sweden if they have most of the things needed? or would it only be for the electronics like the resistors and stuff this would be good?

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I would be supprised if they have all of it.

My experience with Elfa is that it is impossible to say whether they have all we need or not. Their web site sucks and so does their search engine. When I tried to order the parts for Core lpc17 ande Seq V4 lite I found 3/4 of the parts, and ended up with only one of each of the parts because of some %$# bug in their ordering system. I got for instance ONE 3mm led packed in a huge plastic bag and cardboard box ( I took a screenshot of my orderlist before I paid for it where all the parts are there). Ended up with Reichelt and money transfer. And one more thing - the prices at Elfa are insane. Some of the parts are 10x the price on other international online shops - identical brands...

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Yep, this is also my experience with elfa. I use them for special stuff occasionally that I can't find anywhere else, but otherwise, I keep a safe distance to them and their insane prices. I tried to deal with them at work too, and I laid my cards on the table, letting them know I intended to shop a reasonably high amount of parts / tools from them on a regular basis. I told them if I were to deal with them I expected at least some discount, but the nice lady in the other end told me that they didn't do that stuff. So I told her, then I'm not doing your stuff either. So instead I started a Paypal account for the firm and buy the stuff I need off eBay - most sellers have better costumer support than elfa.

Sorry for shouting hehe. It needed to be said!

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