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Selling: CNC Engraved Midibox Panels (mbseq/mb6582/etc) & Pactec PT-10 cases (for mb6582)


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Update (20th june 2014) -


Current pricing on midibox panels -


mb6582 panel sets (front and rear) - GBP 85

mbseq 19" panels (single panel) - GBP 80 / GBP 85

mbseq 17" panel sets (for desktop enclosure) - GBP 80 (top) GBP 35 (rear)


There may be some of the above in the 'shop here - http://thebeast.co.uk/?post_type=product


...but, if not, drop me a line, and ill cut-to-order.

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Can also cut -

...well, pretty much anything youre after, but here are some 19" mbseq panels -



Some other nice non-midibox bits from the past, just as examples of what's possible, in case anyone wants somthing completly custom -


(one of ken stone's modules - for those who dont know, a british penny is 20mm dia, making the unicorn's head rather small)


(a panel for trevor page's 9090 drum synth)


(a reproduction of an old digisound pcb from the pcb overlays)


(messing about, reproducing 1970s artwork)


(a buchla inspired klee build - unfortunatly not a gret photo)

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Small print : )

Postage is always at cost (i hate it when people overcharge me for post)

Packing is always free : )

I can recieve bank payments in both Sterling (GBP) and Euro (euro conversion as per HSBC's euro 'buy' rate)

I dont take Paypal, but can take cards using Google Checkout (surcharged at cost)

I use Royal Mail for shipping. I find they have more resonable prices than most, and are reliable. They list their prices here - http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/content1?catId=400036&mediaId=53800712

I have to insist on tracking and insurance for card orders, but otherwise its optional / at buyers risk.

...oh, and im in England (UK) but have shipped to evrey continent except Africa, i think?

As a final note, i realise consolidating evreything like this looks pretty commercial, and i hope that offends noone. I would never try to deny that there is not financial motivation in making these panels, but, at the same time, i would like to think i do well by people here at the same time.

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hey julian. why u not reply my pm and email, is there any problem or something?

I am more than happy to work for you, but you must understand that quotes for the same custom works do not change, no matter how many times you ask for them.

If you could possibly understand that canceling components of your order, after you have instructed it to be packed, but prior to actually making payment, does somewhat add to a suppliers work load.

The reason why i do not ask for pre-payment, prior to packing the majority of orders, is because it would inevitably lead to inaccurate postal estimates. I find that most people appreciate this, as it safe-guards them against excessive postal charges.

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Not all that relevant to this forum, i admit, but, in conjunction with http://www.synthi.co.uk/ we have just started producing nice looking vcs3 covers. Photos below -






The following link has more info - http://www.synthi.co.uk/vcs3_covers.html

My reason for posting here is far more decadent than me trying to be a sales man - i mainly just think they look nice : )

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as per the thread in the midibox sequencer sub-forum, im thinking of making some of these for people, as the should save a fair bit of money over the mbseq panels from FPE -



I understand that the bolt heads showing may not be to evreyone's liking, but the panel will be cheaper as a result, and will, hopefully, enable some people to build the device without thinking so much about the money aspect of it all.

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Just a quick note to say that ive been cutting a batch of mb6582 panels.

Ill update this post with photos, but currently i have in stock -

Matt red with white infill - ive not had this finish before in 6582s - it looks very nice - possibly nicer than the gloss red i was cutting last year, i think)

Matt green with white infill - i just ordered a small ammout of the green. its unusual, and, i think, quite smart looking

Matt black with white infill - the old favourite

Anyhow, all the above are in stock currently. As i say, ill try and update with some photos tommorow.

Thanks, Julian

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9090 are GBP 65 each (regardless of colour)

I have matt red, matt 'bronze', and, i think, natural silver cut and in stock (yep, i know im rubbish at updating the on-line shop!)

Im fairly certain i dont have black pre-cut at the moment, and im just (as i type this) cutting a pair for someone in matt blue.

I forgett the price of the Klee panels - the ones in the photo were a 1-off (well, 2-off) job for someone last year, but i have the authors permission to re-cut their design. I think they were about GBP 130 each in the 2-off quantity. (they are 4u to fit the bud-industries enclosures from mouser)

Thanks, Julian

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Ahh - ive made an error above -

The 9090 in the photo is expensive. Its a complex multistroke panel and takes quite a while to make.

Because the cost of it was prohibitive for a number of builders, i simplified the design (to lower the cost) and started cutting these for people -






There are three photos of the 'bronze' as its not an easy colour to represent. Its not really bronze at all, but that's what my supplier calls it! Its a nice colour though...

The single stroke 9090 panels are the ones that are GBP 65, and, whilst im happy to still cut the other ones, im not sure as theyre worth the extra money (id have to look it up, but i think they were about 2x the price)


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Only an opinion but I actually think the cheaper 9090 panels look best,at the moment I am waiting delivery of the pcb's (july13-15th all being well).

As for the klee I am not settled on the layout yet and still have a lot of stuff to finish before I am actually ready for a panel but I will be in touch.

edit........are the first two panels in the sequence above (9090) on the timber work bronze?



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Yep, that's 100% the reason why i cut the cheaper, single stroke, panels - i personally dont think there is enough difference to justify spending over 2x as much on the multitroke ones, and, like you, some people even like the single stroke more. Of course, i can still cut the multistroke, but, since producing the cheaper option, not one single person has asked me for the more expensive panel : )

Trevors original panel set design, when purchased from shaeffer, comes to over GBP 240, which is crazy - there's no need to spend that much.

In the sequence above, there are 5 shots - the first is two matt black panels, the next a matt red (not a great photo - the finish looks quite a bit nicer in real life) and the final three photos (two on woodwork, one on plants) are all the same panel, which is the one called bronze.

The colour is hard to represent. Its almost like a grey/gold colour. The near side of the first shot maybee shows it best? The last shot (on the plants) makes it look very grey and hardly brown at all. Its not especially rich in brown / orange tones, but it is a little more so than the photos show. A touch more brown, a touch less grey looking (at least to my eye) than the photos really show.

Im sure you get the idea though! : )

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Yo julianf, I was thinking about getting my own design silkscreened to plexiglass or something fancy, but I think I decided I just need my mb6582 done, so I thought about using your service to get a panel made...

Can u fix me up with a custom sized design? I don't wanna use the pactec enclosure, and I also don't need the back panel. My design is going to be a slightly bigger surface than Wilbas design. Same layout for the actual cut and milling stuff, only centered on a bigger surface, but not much bigger though.

I would also like a panel I can spray myself, since I want a bright white glossy panel and signal red inlay.

Can u hook me up? I could also go to å local cnc shop, but I like to support whoever doing a service for the community though.

If u can, are u able to give me a crude suggestion on the price? As for postage, I'm in Norway. I guess this need to be taken through the customs and I will have to pay vat on it because of it, but that I will take care of, I only want a suggestion for your price to the border, and ill do the rest hehe.

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Hi there,

Sorry for the slow reply - i dont always see posts in threads.

Yep, i can cut you custom stuff. If you get as many details together on what you want, then i can quote you.

Do be aware that spraying aluminium is a little more involved than spraying, say, steel. You would need to find yourself some etching primers - if you just use normal paints, the results will be dissapointing : (

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Thanks Julian. I will do a drawing of the case in my CAD. Do u have any preferences when it comes to file format?

I didn't ask, but can u do my prefered color? Saves me a lot of work. I have done my fair share of spray painting, and I also own above hobby level tools for it hehe, so I know spray painting on alu is a different deal. And the more I think about it, it is just plain stupid to get a milled panel and spray it, and then sort out the inlay hehe.

My final option is to get a cut panel from u and go to my next door print shop and have them make a vinyl print or something to stick on it. Wouldn't cost me a great deal anyway. And instead of spraying it with a clear coat like I wanted, I could either have it printed on glossy stuff or have them laminate a glossy layer to it...

But best thing is of course if u can make the panel after my specs so I don't have any hassle with it here before I can use it...

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Some pretty photos of the desktop case -











Files have been edited to give better fit etc. 

The power switch on the rear has also been changed to an SCI part, which people tell me is easier to get hold of? (SCI is a large brand, and should be available world-wide)

One extra output port is added to the rear panel.

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