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Custom Power Supply for mb6582

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All I said was that if you cannot tell the inside from the outside of the condom you should not f*ck around but masturbate instead, to keep with your analogy :tongue: Anyway, to bring it up agai

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I picked up one of these, it worked fine for the early testing of the main board, i saw the right voltages etc., but a week+ later when i tried to use it on a nearly completed mb6582 with 2 sids on board, it heated up and started to smoke.. I opened it and was unimpressed with the unimpressive contents being covered in foul smelling liquid.. Oh, FYI: these boxes contain a small AC/AC single op tranny, and a small 5v board, both seem removed from their previous enclosures for this new life of service. I'm not even going to start investigating how (it) or what went wrong, it's a shame is all, cos it looked great from the outside.

Obviously i'm going to have to stick on the 'a-team' theme tune (not the one with ron jeremy in it...) and just use 2 separate PSU wired into the c64 DIN plug and be done with it. I suspect alot of the people wanting a proper PSU for their (type B) mb6582 are looking for a nice handy (pretty) desktop box - me, i care not for this and will bravely splice a 1a 9vac ex-modem wall blob by US Robotics, and a nasty iPaq ITE type B 5vdc 2A switcher into service and see how we go..

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+1 For the self built supply. So long as you're competent and test it well before use there's no reason why it shouldn't be better than most commercially produced PSUs.

I built the PSU for the OPL board as my first attempt, that way I would be frying some fairly cheap Yamaha chips if anything went wrong. But so far it has worked flawlessly.

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Wow that turned out pretty awesome! I think I've decided to built an MBCV2 box at some point when I get there. Still have to finish my rackmount SID (on the expensive part...ordering the control surface boards and panel, so I'm a little trigger shy).

For this, do you have a schematic of the power design you ended up going with out of curiosity? I see those huge transformers in the pic but couldn't make out much else. Curious to see what you went with after this hugely epic discussion :)

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It's all extremely crowded. Heatsink and cables makes it difficult to see anything, especially on the photos.

All of it has been built a long time ago. Debugging and calibration has tested my patience though and it has been in the drawer several periods.

The PSU was built using the schematic on the wiki. I also added a diode at each output to make sure current never flows in the wrong direction in the case of a failure.

The MB6582 is powered by the same 12V DC that goes to the AOUT and SSM modules.

I made this one:


and then a separate 5V psu.

Used these transformers:



They are very small and neat. I fit the PSU, 4xAOUT_NG, 4xSSM2044 and 2xSSM2164 in a 1U rack unit. It is not 100% finnished yet though, but I have verified the PSU.

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I need to update on my previous utterance - the death of the ebay brick was most likely down to the 220->110V convertor i was using before it, as this didn't test as stable when i got 'round to testing it out.. so, i'm not saying the bricks are crappy, but i am saying they aren't very robust is all.. i'm sure if You have native 110v AC power, or a quality 110v convertor then You'll be fine..

I did my splice of the 2 wallwarts, and they worked like a dream! my mb6582 is happy now with an 8580, 2 x A4 and a straight 6581, 1 in each bank for mono output.

OF COARSE i managed to get an ill-fitting LCD, which has to be mounted under everything as it's too large, so that looks pretty naff, and to top it off, the backlight died quite quickly.. So,

i'll claim my warranty on the LCD, and get a backlit one in there first, then maybe go looking for one that will fit flush (ish) to the faceplate later on..

But, as far as the power issue is concerned, i'd totally vote for just sorting a pair of wallwarts out and hooking them up to the correct DIN plug when building as Type B.. i can't hear as much as a tick on the audio from the PSUs, and they don't heat up much with 4 sids going full-tilt. I guess if you wanted, you could gut the wallwarts, and mount them in a nice case, with a fan on it, and a single AC input.. yes, i think i'll try that if i find a suitable case ;)

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This is a somewhat heavy thread for a newcomer like myself. Would someone care to sum it up? Is there a de facto PSU for an MB6582 with 8 SIDs?

After a quick look at the pages of this thread I can conclude there is a discussion on switched or linear PSU. Until now I have only considered a linear variant, but there are apparently people who are happy with a cheap switched model like the Meanwell RPT-60B...

Please someone, just tell me what to buy and I'll buy it. :) I live in Sweden and I have paid import taxes enough for this project already, so I really want to buy it within EU, preferably in Sweden.

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