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Helping me to store hudge data tables in PIC

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Hello evreybody at ucapps,

I'm trying to program a software based on "midimon" for helping me to read parameters of an Evolver synth on a display.

For this I read the sysex message from the midi output that the instrument sends when an encoder is turned.

When I get the parameter value, I look in an indexed table to print a corresponding string. The problem is that I use

large tables and it seems that I get overflow message when compiling the prog.

One of my tables is made of 75 entries of 16 bytes strings:

mullw 16


movf PRODL, W

addwf TBLPTRL, F

movf PRODH, W

addwfc TBLPTRH, F

movlw 16 ; (16 chars)

goto MIOS_LCD_PrintPreconfString


db "No destination "

db "OSC 1 Frequency"

db "OSC 2 Frequency"

db "OSC 3 Frequency"

db "OSC 4 Frequency"... and so on 75x

and when I compile I get this message:

./include/asm/macros.h:172:Error [126] Argument out of range (1133 not between -1024 and 1023)

Thinking this table was too long I splitted it into two tables of 38 entries each, but as I compile the program with only one table

I have not errors, and when I add the second one I get the same errors, it seems to me that I reached a memory limitation

of the PIC. Am I right?

I'm really a newbee in programming PIC in assembler, could someone give me a hint for overcoming this problem?

Is there a specifical allocation possible for this tables?

PS I use a PIC 18F452 and I don't use the Tracememory block of the original midimon.

thank you for your help,

Best Regards,


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Hello evreybody at ucapps,

Thank you to those who took the time to read my previous message.

I found out that my problem lied on the fact that I had my table between 2 labels of my JUMPTABLE and there were too many lines between the rgoto instruction and the labels and this generated this adressing error!

I just wrote my table at the end of my ".inc" file and everything is now ok.

; branch depending on PARAMETER NUMBER (0 à 127)

movf TMP1, W

andlw 0x7f


rgoto Para_typ_1

rgoto Para_typ_2


rgoto Para_typ_128


..x lines of code...


>>>> error [126] Argument out of range (1133 not between -1024 and 1023)

because GPASM doesn't find the flag...

Best Regards,


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