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MIDIBOX of the Last Week: One Mono SID


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I'm back (from where? )..

I present you my first SID,

It was supposed to be a gift to the "Glistorp" man (http://fr.myspace.com/#!/glistorp), that learn me some great things, unfortunatly, I never see him again, maybe one of this dayz...

So I've buil it robust, and organized for glitch and random sounding. The nice "gen" page, with this big LCD and the resp. selection butons allow direct access to random of each section, that's really fun to use, especially in drum mode, where you can keep the rythm and change the glide, or notes, osc's...or want you want (and so what want the SID)

There is 5 analog pots (marked 1 to 5) that you can randomly assign too, so, one time you press the resp. sel buton, you won't know what you are goin to tweek, and sometime some strange behaviour appears as soon as you have pressed the knob "gen" buton (side effect? maybe an option to freeze pot reading during the change of assignation could be a good thing? but I'm not sure, does "clean" chaos is still chaos??...

filter and LFO 1 get their dedicated buton, but it's boring that the 6581 get a so crappy filter, hopefully, I still get room to add an analog one later, but about filters, I have already more ambitious projects on the go, so...

The big white "golf" half-ball come from an old home heater and this purpose is to play/stop sound or sequence. It's Glistorp who found it in a trashbin of the big town..Let say this big buton get something magic, but I can't explain that more precisly, only the rare person who push it can understand what I mean..

One more Time, thanks TK, SmashTV and all other great peoples here.


post-3821-009409500 1304324308_thumb.jpg

post-3821-021158600 1304324327_thumb.jpg

post-3821-065715300 1304324356_thumb.jpg

post-3821-043995700 1304324378_thumb.jpg

post-3821-074818200 1304324398_thumb.jpg

post-3821-023978300 1304324422_thumb.jpg

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