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MIDIbox of the Week (MBAY V2 of IGI)


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HI all!

Here is My new MIDIBOX AY V2.

Compare to original MB AY2 I use 4x20 lcd

and PIC18F4620 from seq V3 (now is V4).

It's a nice synth, little unusual, but very interesting with a lot of fun. :thumbsup:

Hint: Don't use AY38910 from microchip because noise generators not

working.Use chip from GI or YM2149.

I want to say big thanks to Lemmonhorse for his

MIdibox AY2 project and for really great support an help.

Of course, thanks also to TK for nice platform and help. :flowers:

Best regards, IGI


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You made a perfect job with that box, it looks professional. Congratulations!

I’m going to build one.

Will you be so kind to share some pictures of the inside and back of your box?

Also, did you change the program to use all the 20 columns of the LCD? From the picture above I guess not…




Best regards,


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