MIDIO128 V3 how to route MIDI-IN to USB?

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i want to use the Midi in/out ports of my MIDIO128 V3 to connect a MF_NG and Pic 8 core Module to my Computer but i can't receive any midi messages from the modules with Mios studio.

I've already set the ID of the MF_NG Module to 1. The module is tested with a Core STM32 (2x2 USB MIDI interface Firmware) and works.

I guess i've to configure the router configuration in the .MIO file (no display connected). But how to set the SrcPort and DstPort? Which value corresoonds to which port?

Or are the Midi inputs of my Core LPC17 broken?



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Okay, i've solved my problems.

First mistake: The outer pins of the 3-Pin Midi-Connector at the Pic core are swapped. I didn't notice that.

After that i searched for a LCD display and soldered the buttons and encoder to a vero board. With this control surface i could easily configure the midi routing.

The corresponding configuration in the .MIO file is:

#ROUTER	Node	SrcPort	Chn.	DstPort	Chn.

ROUTER	1	0x10	17	0x20	17

ROUTER	2	0x20	17	0x10	17

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Great that you solved this! :)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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