MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

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It's funny that you ask for this today, because currently I'm planning the "full featured" control surface of the upcoming MIDIbox CV V2 application.

In distance to MBCV V1 it uses the MBSID sound engine, optimized for the needs for a CV controller.
It features two LFOs, ENV, ARP... per channel! And with a much higher update rate than MBSID V2 (I think that up to 5 kHz can be achieved when all modulators are running in parallel, by disabling modulators even higher frequencies are possible)
-> even FM modulation is possible by using two LFOs in "fast" mode
/edit: meanwhile the feature list has been enhanced by a second multi-stage ENV2, a modulation and a trigger matrix!

The sequencers (bassline/wavetable) will be integrated later, so: they will be available as well of course!

Here the current list of parameters:
/edit: removed, since it's obsolete!

I'm still a bit uncertain how to continue this project, because I think that without a good control surface it won't be usable in practice.
The SCS (Standard Control Surface) (2x20 LCD + 4 menu buttons + SHIFT button + encoder) gives access to all parameters, but the usage is too cumbersome.

Therefore I thought that I should start with a "virtual control surface" by using Lemur, and once I'm happy with it, I can translate it into hardware. ;)

Any additional ideas?
E.g. how would your "dream interface" for this project look like?

Best Regards, Thorsten.   /edit: meanwhile we've a demo video! :-)  
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