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anyone made SID + SEquencer???


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hello, first post here, i am interested in making the sid module, and i got a chip already, a 6581r4ar.

i have soldered before(cables and basic repairs to loose jacks and such), and made some simple things in high school, a little circuit that made some led's flash, and a tesla coil from a tv flyback transformer, but nothing this complex.i want to do it all myself from the promming to the circuit boards, so i guess i need the jdm programmer first? then the core and sid modules?

eventually i would like to build a 4 sid unit with a sequencer, and maybe add a curtis or SEM filter to it. this may need some extra circuits as those ar cv devices, but i believ this could be acomplished with the analog out module?

also, i read that you can get samples from microchip and other companies, how do i get them?? do i have to be a company or student?

that should do for now, thanks and i look forward to building many of theese things!

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Yes, u need all those modules. First the JDM naturally.

There is a analog out in planning by TK, but I dont know when its coming.

I would rather build the SID and the Sequencer seperated. Its just one MIDI cable between them and this way u can also plug all that stuff to other Sequencers/Synthis.

Microchip: Just go on their site, register and go to Samples section. You dont have to be a cmpany, also there is some comapny name required. Just type in your name - or whatever - there again, its gonna be OK.

btw: Welcome to the fast growing MBHP crew! Have fun!

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yes, having them seperate could be good, i was mainly going for an integrated package for simplicity... i could put them in the same case, with seperate ins and out's, and maybe a switch to connect them with no cables???

alsoare there enogh channels on the seq to control a four sid synth?

i ordered samples from microchip.should arrive this week, it's really cool that they ship them out free(and fed ex at that).

i also ordered somepic 16f's beacause i can use thoese for the sid slaves right? but they did not have pic 16f877"s they had pic16f877a's. Can i use those? what is the difference?

glad to be a part of the mbhp family! and can't wait to start on theese things, though it may be a month before i can gather up the components, tools and spare time to get started.

in the meantime i will be keeping an eye on this forum and asking questions as i come up with them.

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woah, old post... I got tim(smash tv) to burn my pics already, havent got to test them though..my core was bad(think it was the board i made myself so now i am waiting for more parts to put on a board i bought from tim.should be soon though, would like to order them today actually:)Thanks for the reply though! i finally did get one!

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