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mb-6582 rev1 pcb


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I've had a rev 1 pcb and parts sitting around for a long time. I finally decided to build it and read the wiki, and at the bottom of the base PCB page says "revision 1 errors" and has links that don't work anymore.

What are the rev. 1 errors? I'll take any other pre-build advice people want to give for this project. :)


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I see nobody's answered you yet so until you get a response from the likes of Wilba hopefully this will help:

North American users with C64 power supplies need to solder a piece of wire where the power jack is. But I suggest you find Altitude's recent post about using a new switching regulator which allows you to use a simple 12V supply.

Also, there is a problem with the LCD connector - something about the way the contrast is wired - sorry I can't remember what that is right now.

Apart from that, my build tips would be to make sure you use the typical low-profile crystals, and mount the electrolytic capacitor near the bottom centre of the board so it's laying on its side. There's less clearance down there than you might think.

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