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Any more sammichFMs? [YES, see page 2]

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We're getting quite philosophical here :). From the deep history of MIDIbox, there was a time when designs were much more open and it caused untold problems. Most of the old guys are no longer ar

Same here, but I don't think anyone has missed the train. It's probably too high a workload or something that has come in the way :-)


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its a long time ago...around last year i talked with wilba...and he told me that the sammichFM isnt dead...but he will make a new batch if he have time again. he didnt told me why he dont have time but think about yourselfs...what can happen so that you haven't the time you had before...in my special case it was the birth of my daughter and a house...thats why i havent so much time at the moment for midibox projects...but i am very confident about the sammichFM and when wilba says he will make a new batch...then he will do when the time is come. i am hoping too to get one. my OPL3 IC laying waiting around too. :-)




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Any chance of these having the nice overlays, similar to the previous batch of SammichSids?

The problem with the lexan overlays is that the initial setup cost is in the $300-400 range. For a run of 50 units that'll add another $10ish to each sammich. Generally it's doable, but it'll cost extra.

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If lexan overlay means no effort in painting the text on the surface manually with messing everything up - but getting nice decorated text in color delivered instead, I would say this is definitley $10 worth. I am conform with Academic Planner, I would also pay $20 extra for sure.

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for my side i prefer just the pcb and opl's  as i want integrate in a modular ... prefer buy the components by myself and save on customs , it make sense .


to be fair , i don't like the plastic box too


it is possible ?

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