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Dear people,

I builded quite some 8bit PIC based midiboxes, like MB64, MB64e, MBFM, MB Clockbox, MBCV and the MB808 sequencer. Sometimes it was really hard but in the end all projects went really well. But one thing I couldn't get my hands on, and that's how to get visual feedback from my MB64e controller, controlling Ableton Live.

This is my problem and I don't know where to start: I use Live's looper for Live looping and I want to make a special controller for that. I want to use the 'footswitch' knob of the Looper device to record, play, overdub, stop and clear the Looper. In this case only one button has four or five different states/functions, and I want to see in witch state/function it is by different LED's on my controller. Is that possible, and if it is, how do I do that or where do I start?!

If it's not possible I can make different knobs for the functions, but I still want visual feedback from the LED's of my controller. I never used a DOUT board in my MB64 or MB64e. I guess it will work like hitting one DIN entry, the corresponding DOUT will light up and I can choose somewhere that the LED only flashes, or it will stay on till I hit the DIN entry again. Where do I choose the LED's function? in the midibox menu or the ASM code?

Any help appreciated!



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