Small MBSID Panel - Anyone speak Russian?

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This is a panel design mock up for a small MBSID. I had some good quality buttons, free, but in a nasty green shade. A friend suggested a blue panel, then a Ukrainian visitor said it looked like an old Russian aircraft panel, sadly he'd gone home when I though to try doing the panel in Cyrillic letters.

The display is a small format 2x40 I got a few of on ebay, by accident, (too small for a sequencer); they nicely match the buttons, so got the job. I know Thorsten did code for this format so I thought it would be a bit different.

Panel will be ink jet printed, laminated in a heavy duty film, then stuck on with High bond tape.

If anyone can correct my attempts at Russian, using bits from the the forum and an on line lexicon, I'd be glad of the help.

Any other comments welcome before I start cutting the metal.

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Sorry if it is not too late.

Your panel spells the following:

myadyabox SYAD 6581 :)

May be that's what you meant?

I've attached russian logos in different fonts that spells exactly "Midi Box SID" if read in Russian.

You should not be concerned that abbreviation SID is not translated, right? (if you'd like I can translate it :))

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No, it's not too late. Thank you very much.

When I'm back in the workshop next week, I will update the logo. It's a simple panel - I will colour print it on card, cut out the display window, then laminate it in a heavy duty 'pocket'. It will be stuck to the alloy under panel with double sided tape, (the industrial kind).

I'm still wallowing about getting the 40 column display software sorted, so it is a few weeks off being complete.

I'll post a revision once I've got it done.

Thanks again


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I'm happy to help and very interested in seeing what it turns out to become :)

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