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please help!...midi-LED-cube?


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first=sorry for my english! i had only 3 jears english in school and thats loong time ago!


my question:


years ago i build my first Midibox64. it took a lot of time but finaly i got it work!


i worked a lot with it!

but now i have equipment in my studio which is much more powerfule.

so my Box stand a long time around, doin nothing.

oh no, everyday she said to me: "you did it!"  ;)


now i want to build a led-cube.

one color, dimensions: 8x8x8


how it works? easy!!

build it? easy!

i found a way to build it using an atmega32 and it locks very nice.

now i want to take the pre-burned-PIC18F4620, maybe with the core-board to drive the cube.

I/O pin`s are there enought at the PIC........BUT:


the pic need´s to be programmed to light up the led´s.

first: is it possible to take core-board + pic18f4620


second:any idea how to programm the pic??

have found a few fariations of button-led-matrix, which is the same way to drive like a cube......exapt 1 layer.



would be nice if anyone had maybe some experience with PIC/Led-cube.


if not, i will spend the money and build the atmega32 controller.





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Hi Sebastian,


there is no ready-made PIC based MIOS application, which would allow you to drive such a cube without some (complicated) software enhancements.

Only the LPC17 based MIDIbox NG Firmware would provide this by default (even for RGB LEDs - and with the possibility to dim the LEDs in order to get different colours! :)


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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