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KiCad 3D rendering


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Some of you may know that I am a big fan of KiCad, a free PCB design tool.


One of the areas in which KiCad was lagging behind other tools like Eagle was visualization of created PCBs with components. This can be extremely helpful when you have highly packed boards with many components placed close to each other. You don't want them to overlap mechanically, because that will cause a problem when you try to solder them...


Since a few weeks, there is a very nice and free extension over at sourceforge that provides very decent renderings of PCBs created with KiCad, and - if you have the component models - with the components placed: kicad 3D.


Just a few examples here:








Maybe that will inspire some others to give KiCad a try!

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Yes, totally go for it - that was my reasoning as well, and I have not been disappointed. Actually, before using KiCad I tried a special version of Target which allowed for more PCB real estate, but was limited in the number of pads it would accept - another crippleware attempt. I am so glad I moved over to KiCad quickly :-).

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the KICAD 3D is very cool and for the libraries I don’t think so for the libraries of the KICAD  you have to worry too much because you can design your own and moreover if you are designing your own libraries that are more reliable than provided by anyone. So I think you should go with KICAD.


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