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384.399.000 Meters below the Moon


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a new track live from the studio using the MIDIbox SEQ, an Alesis A6 and the MB6582 (and some aerial footage :-))

I tried to re-record this one in cubase, but it would sound far worse than the original take, so the original it is :-).


Needless to say, i am really thankful for the MIDIbox hardware - fantastic and so much better than software for me :-)


Many greets and thanks for watching and listening!



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Thanks, Shuriken!


Nah, it is not really dangerous, there was a local hill nearby, which is quite high, so the perceived altitude seems higher...

Also, we fly with a spotter, that makes sure the airspace is unpopulated by other flying objects (like low flying propeller machines or helicopters) and that can take over in case of a video link failure (which is a live feed to your video goggles, the recorded images are from onboard recorders). Additionally, there is an autopilot on board, which returns the unit back home safely, in case of radio link loss, video link loss, motor power loss (sailing home) or when the pilot faints :-).


The unsafe looking scene around the houses was a quickly flown multicopter course in the backcountry, with people watching the (non public) road, so that no incoming pedestrians can get surprised. The flying wing weighs only 700 grams and is built out of very soft foam material, so even if it went down uncontrollably in a 45° degree angle (the airfoil drag will prevent steeper descents) from an arbitrary height, no big damage would occur, as the max ground impact speed would not exceed 60-70km/h. Of course, the hobby is also insured and you pay some bucks per year to cover for these worst case scenarios, but you´re right, it is important to be responsible and not take any risks at all!


Many greets,


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