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OLED Displays and LPC17


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Hi all.  I wanted to tell people about my first experienced with the OLED displays and some of the wiring issues.  I also didn't know if they would even be compatible with the Midibox software. 


I built a project using the Midibox 8 bit core that allows me to play synthesized voices along with my 7 rank pipe organ.  It uses a 4x20 LCD and buttons and allows me to change and save the voices for each of the selectable 12 stops.  The problem being that it is almost imposible to read the display at an angle from the bench. 


In another thread there was some talk about connecting an Organic Light Emitting Diode display (OLED) to one of the Midibox projects.  This link is They talked about how easy it is to see from almost any angle so I bought a few to test and see for myself. The display what they used in the Midibox SEQ project was manufactured by Raystar and was a direct replacement for the 40x2 LCD display without needing any changes at all. 


I found some displays from Mouser that work but they require 3 of the wires be left open to function properly.  I ordered the 4x20 for $32.82USD and the 2x20 for $29.02USD manufactured by Newhaven.  They run on 3 to 5 volts.  The chip that drives the display is a RS0010 which seems fairly standard.  It seems like the Midibox uses the 6800 pin configuration which is the default value for these OLED units.  All you have to do is make sure you leave pins 3, 15, and 16 open when connecting them up.  I just didn't solder any of these pins to the display which works fine but you have to be carefull not to put the connector on wrong.  I tested the 2x20 display on my LPC17 bread board and it came up like a champ.  No problems at all.  The spec indicates it is readable at 80 degrees from the front and I now know this to be true.  Now I just have to replace the display in my 8 bit core project which might be a probem because the thickness of the display from the mounting holes on the PCB is so much thinner. 


Pete Knobloch

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