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Sealing boards with rubber spray


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Hi MidiBox Community!

Because I have built all my Midibox projects out of breadboards, it happens quite easily that small solder, wire or other particles short tracks. So i was looking for a way to seal their backside somehow.
Usually baords coated with a green solder mask but my breadboards have a very uneven surface
so this was not suitable.
Some time ago i found something interesting: rubber spray http://www.plastidip.com/home_solutions/Plasti_Dip
It is mainly used for car rims but the properties sounded quite promising
   - Latex-based synthetic rubber formula is flexible and stretchy
   - Air dries in as few as 30 minutes
   - Provides a comfortable, controlled grip that resists moisture, acids, abrasion,
     corrosion, skidding and slipping
   - Will not crack or become brittle in extreme weather conditions
   - Resists chemicals, impact and abrasion
   - Prevents electrical shock and vibration, resists heat and deadens sound
Unfortunately, there have been no reviews whether and how well the spray is suitable for circuit boards.
Nevertheless, I gave it a try´ and ordered 2x400ml for 13€
First I cleaned a board with a printed circuit cleaner (Kontak LR/Kontakt PCC) and isopropyl alcohol,
then I sprayed several layers and let them dry for 15 minutes each.
After five layers the board surface looked well covered with rubber.
The mechanical resistance it is really good.
The board is well protected against screwdrivers. connector pins and other sharp parts...
Since it may possibly be necessary to solder on a circuit board again,
the rubber is removeable.
On a flat, smooth surfaces, it can easily, peeled off in one piece with finger,
on breadboards it is a litlle bit more fiddly.
To remove it from solder points, it is better to scratch with a sharp tool.



All together my expectations were met and i am quite happy with this rubber spray.

Best regards

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I use KF 1450, it's an acrylic varnish for pcb, it's solderable, transparent or green. The varnish is very resistent and protect from shorting, oxidation etc. Easy to use.


Another way to make the job, the inconvenient is that you have to protect the connectors otherwise you will have some problems, because the spray is very volatile, the varnish go everywhere on the board!


I think your solution is better if you don't have case.

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