Line Driver Module PCBs

By ArnoNym in Bulk Orders,
Hi midiboxers,

I need a pair of line driver modules. I am thinking of starting a production run of the PCBs at OSH Park.

Anyone interested to join? Maybe I could also provide the parts as kit.

Currently I don't have any information about prices / shipping costs yet, so just show your interest for further planning here.


PCBs arrived at my place and few pairs are (still) available for you!

(Two pairs shown.)

Price is 13,80EUR for each pair (One TX and one RX PCB).
Shipping worldwide 3,45EUR.

To definitely buy, please send me a PM which includes: Full name & adress for shipping the PCBs Amount of TX/RX pairs you want to buy e-Mail Address for sending paypal invoice If you have trouble getting the parts, please let me know, maybe I can send you some of the parts, too.

Buyers / Status:
01. ArnoNym (myself)
02. ArnoNym (myself)
03. SOLD to Phatline (arrived :happy:)
04. SOLD to Phatline (arrived :happy:)
05. SOLD to Phatline (arrived :happy:)
06. SOLD to jab (arrived  :happy:)
07. SOLD for Rowan (arrived  :happy:)
08. SOLD for Rowan (arrived  :happy:)
09. SOLD for Rowan / Lamouette (arrived  :happy:)
10. SOLD to Zam (arrived  :happy:)
11. SOLD to Zam (arrived  :happy:)
12. SOLD to WilHelm* (arrived :happy:)
13. SOLD for Warpboy (arrived  :happy:)
14. SOLD for Warpboy (arrived  :happy:)
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