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Trip the light fantastic! :-)


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Finally, glad to see more action in this subsection of the forum, please keep them MIDIbox tracks/sessions posted, they are all inspirational, especially seeing different SEQ workflows in action! I think, i am the only one working primarily in the track mute screen, right? ;-)


Many thanks to TK. for this great hardware sequencer and jojjelito for the name suggestion for this track :-)



Have a great time!


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do you know a video-multi-track - software for  Linux or in worst case "Windoof"?

I thougt of using multiple webcams @once, mounting them on my Rack-Lightnings "Schwanenhals" - after jaming -motion dedtection would also be nice...with motions-dedtection - morph between camera-streams.

maybe a miditrack, that detects CCs from Controllers or Synths - so if you touch one synth or CC the cam goes immediatly to your hand...so you dont have to cut the video later...


-love the synth sounds & the live play...

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Thanks, guys!  :clover:


(Phatline: regarding multi cam recording controlled by your pc - i have no clue! Also, I don't have webcams, as the computer is always off, when sitting at the synths... So I just grab any cam available (GoPro, ...) set them up and start them... and then use a visual cue to sync them - e.g. clap the hands, or push the seq play button - this allows to overlay the video tracks in any video cutting tool like premiere, etc, but you are right, it is quite some work to cut everything afterwards...)


Many greets,


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