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SD card socktet alternative source? (SD-RSMT-2-MQ)


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I'm missing 1 sd card socket (SD-RSMT-2-MQ) to complete my build. Trying to avoid the 20euro mouser shipping I'm asking here if anyone has an extra they would like to sell, or if anyone knows of an alternative source or compatible socket?


Thank you,


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just to be shure:

that sd-card slot > you use it on the stm32f4 core-pcb?


because the sd-slot that i get from mouser is a 3M ND04620A which (also) fits on the stm32F4 core.


well then - send me a pm with your adress!

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Hi guys, I've got the same problem.

I'm in Italy and I'd rather avoid 20E from mouser.

I see that alternatives could be 693063010911 Wurth Elektronik , so this one could be Ok ?


sorry to bother but I'd like to double check.

I see it only has 9 pin, the 3M one wasn't 11 pins ?


Thanks in advance






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