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BLM 16x16+X PCB and case order [CLOSED/waitlist]

latigid on

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Great! It took a whole Sunday afternoon with a huge ultra-thick cardboard box I found, a borrowed jigsaw with a soft material blade and about 5 rolls of tape. I was very thankful for the jigsaw!

One worry I had was the post might use it as a frisbee, but from what I'm hearing no problems so far. I didn't write "FRAGILE" because that apparently increases the chance of damage!

Now you have to choose the LED colours :happy:

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Cases have now entered production with an estimated ship date of October 14.

In regard to Mouser orders, you may wish to wait for a clearer picture on sliders. The 10mm shaft is probably preferable, but we need to check the optimal resistance value as this product range is limited to 1k and 50k from Mouser. The 20k has a centre detent (apparently not too difficult to remove) but might sill be a bit too high.

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got mine!

light and beauty!

...in my dreams a few weeks ago i saw a some mushrooms in the wood, suddenly i saw a 16x32 blm on a dirty wodden desk, the set arround was a dessert party place, but the blm was still playing... in this moment i saw a woman and i decided to follow her...



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i got the case to...yesterday in the morning. looking realy great and robust. well done!

thx latigit on

so i only have to order at mouser and at Formulor.


T.K. can you tell me which PIC18F4620 i specialy need for the mini-Core...at mouser i can by the PIC18F4620 I/P and a PIC18F4620 E/P?

I think and i hope that i can burn the bootloader for my self with my "Sprut"-PIC-Burner.



Regards MaG2k

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Me too :happy:


Waitlist (11 total)
taximan     pcb case
blatboy     pcb case
Macotronic  pcb case
lukas412    pcb case
Hawkeye     pcb case
u-link      pcb case
nebula      pcb case
synaptech   pcb case
Phatline    pcb
gidien	    pcb
Karg	    pcb case

Thanks a lot for your hard work!!!

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added table
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