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Need someone to fix my Sammich, will pay!


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My sammichSID is hopeless

Everything is working except the control surface, It's not reacting to buttons and encoder, and it's acting weird....I swapped IC's, uploaded and re-uploaded firmware....checked solder joints...I'm all out of options...the more I try to fix it the more it gets worse...I'm getting paranoia over stuff, I thought one of the buttons was bad so I took it off and ruined a trace.....I have to lay off it, because I'm making stupid emotional decisions....so PLEASE 


Anybody who has done reparations on Sammich please respond, I will pay for your time and expenses.

I don't want this sammich laying in the corner, broken, not being used...It makes me VERY SAD

thank you for helping me






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I find something strange in your pic

I hope it's a 4 layer PCB because I don't see any trace to any pad for the removed button ?!?

If it's a 2 layer there is a manufacturing problem here

If it's a 4 layer the broken pads will be a problem to connect again the inner traces :(


As a global note and i don't want to balm you, but the whole solder joint job don't look so nice, you may have a temperature problem or bad solder/flux

It can result some problem :(


hope you find someone to help you !



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The arrows indicate pins that you have to be careful don't short on the heatsink on the board below.

Agree the whole solder job looks bad. At a guess, you were using lead-free process without a decent flux and the iron not hot enough.

CS needs to be completely reflowed and any destroyed traces will need to be bridged with wire. If you can ship to the UK I'll take a look at it - I have a working Sammich to swap test on to make sure nothing on the main board is wonky too.

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Hello and thanks for replying all! Sorry for the late reply, I was waiting for email notifications when somebody posted..but it didn't come through

Anyway, @Katch : yeah The solder job is crap...It was done years ago....and You're right It's lead free solder, and probably the iron was indeed not hot enough...but the other day I checked for continuity with a multi meter and didn't find any bad joints....

It's a mess, and it needs help...I'm based in Belgium, but can post to anywhere you want

It's effin' sad this box is laying around for years now, useless, broken, depressed and not sammichSIDdin' at all!

Would be great if you want to take a look...let me know when you got the time and what I can do for you in return!


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