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An idea For MB-SEQ

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I was checking on web another Sequencer and i just found something usefull.

Can be used in various project.

It would be great if something similar can be done for the Midibox Sequencer.

Here is the link : D-MUX


Tell me what you think and if someone in here is able to build

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The DMUX is a Device to trigger Drum Machines like 606/808/909 and even modular systems.

It is a Device with :

  • MIDI: In/Out
  • 16 Trigger Out ( +5v Pulses 1ms )
  • 16 Accent Out ( Variable Voltage Out Pulses. Assignable to CC,Velocity or whatever we want. )

It uses a PIC18F2420 as a CPU

For Trigger out it uses what the DOUT system of Midibox has.

For Accent Out there is 16 CV.

The SEQ supports more DOUT that the module i talk about but does not support 16 AOUT.

Dmux support this with a 4051 chip. Can something similar can be done for Midibox?


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So, MBSEQ supports 64 DOUT + 8 AOUT, while the linked device supports 16 DOUT + 16 AOUT, where is the problem? :-)

Not intended as a critical posting, just trying to understand, what the goal is?

You can always chain up a few MIDIboxes (not necessarily all of them running MBSEQ) specialized/adapted for your needs, it just needs a bit of programming, but everything is really well documented and easy to do.

Many greets!


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