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MB seq V4 clock feature


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Hi all,
We could multiply the clocks in the CV configuration page but not divide them...

It could be a nice feature to have a divider ratio parameter... that 1ppqn could be dividing...

Like the MBCV V1 there's no possibility to have long divided clocks ( i use clock divider Yusynth module from modular to perform that!).

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The good news: this is a feature which can be easily enhanced, because I implemented a fully scalable solution (and I'm really proud of this, because usually I can't do this for everything due to memory limitations! ;-)

Current divider values:

const u16 din_sync_div_presets[] =
  // 1    2    3    4   6   8  12  16  24  32  48  96  192  384 ppqn, StartStop(=0)
  { 384, 192, 128, 96, 64, 48, 32, 24, 16, 12,  8,  4,   2,  1, 0 };

the maximum possible divider value is 65535, but as you can see, I only prepared up to 384 for 1 ppqn

Which additional dividers would be useful?

Best Regards, Thorsten. 

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Would it be possible to have the DIN Sync clock and the MIDI clock out follow internal shuffle settings? That would be amazing for locking external machines with built in sequencers that are just being clocked by the MBSEQ into the same groove: just write all the patterns with no shuffle, and let the clock be shuffled exactly the same as the notes being spit out. While we are at it, Clock divider for the MIDI clock being output (even better for each out separately) would be great, too!

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