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SOLD: MB808 kit


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I have a v1 MB808 kit (has everything you need minus a case and faceplate) that I never got around to completing - it has a partially stuffed power supply section and that's all that has been done on it so far.

Note: this is also listed on eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Midibox-808-TR-808-clone-kit-/201537247874), but I will pull the listing if a deal can be arranged here.  I am located in Vancouver, Canada.

Asking $699 CDN (OBO)


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21 hours ago, jaytee said:

Might want to post the price here. Also, a little confused, since the only MB808 on eBay is in Regina, not Vancouver. (May also want to change the title of that listing if it's yours, since it doesn't pop up when you search for MB 808).

Thanks for the tips.  The Regina listing is mine - it's where I used to live, but eBay doesn't seem to want to allow it be changed.  I have revised the listing to include my forum username, and the original post with my asking price.

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