SSM2044 line level? VPP? Overdrive Input?

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i talking about seppomans ssm2044 board:[]=ssm2044

for what line-level is the ssm2044 or this filter PCB designed? consumer or pro? 0.894VPP or 3,472VPP (peak 2 peak)

same Question for VCA PCB "2164"


is there any experience with Overdriving the Input off the Filter -which VPP max? (without terminating the chip off course)

same question for the VCA PCB



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The filter  input is 47k and the output is 10k  It is not balanced but stereo if you are looking at the schematics so is consumer not pro. It also should not need a DI.  I use a unbalanced 1/4" cable and plug in my mixer 1/4" line inputs. Watch the impedance and pF of the 1/4 cables you are using.   If you had to run the cable a long way or were picking up noise I would try a balanced xlr with a DI as close to the filter as needed or have a small mixer to plug in and send from the balanced outs of the mixer. Either of these should work well especially if you are having to run a few hundred feet through an analog snake.

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