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14 hours ago, weasel said:

@Zam would you mind shedding some light on your midi router/merger thing? i see you keep calling it USB midi, but if i just hijack the J11 pins to connect boards directly, it still is UART midi right? i would enable the second set of 4 midi ports in NG events?

I have a 3 cores "chain"

one master to/from computer and DAW via USB midi (4 port enabled)

Two slaves, both connected to master via direct J11 connection, uart midi (same PSU and short cable).

Using NG, master have global router function enabled, UART1 to/from USB2 and UART2 to/from USB3, USB1 being master

I also have few special routing at master (via sender/receiver) to handle functions that I have at slave HW and requested as master events (USB1) for DAW (like transport)

So my computer/DAW see 4 midi USB port at my "MCU device", my DAW talk with each one and the master core handle routing to slave




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Thanks man that helps a lot on where to start digging! Any background info as to why it has to be on the same PSU? would a common GND connection be enough maybe? Thats what i had to do between some other MCU boards..

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