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Yo folks,

no time for anything (the little one keeps us well-occupied), just dropping by to wish a happy midsummer time to all northern friends ;-) and to dump some (mostly) analog output to the forums ;-).

It may sound a little melancholic, that's the feeling i sometimes get from such perfect summer days.

Good to see some new developments on the MBSEQ and Core front happening, keep it up!

Enjoy and many greets!

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Thanks a lot, guys! :-)

Andy: dunno about the detuning of the Dom (it is just used for the bass) - but the little one wiggled on a few knobs of the A6 and I saved the patch, best random generator out there, hehe :-). Glad the Strymons are there, you can feed them the worst patches and the output usually still sounds somewhat reasonable :-).

ilmenator: yes, more sunshine, please! :-)

Many greets,

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