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A little while ago I found my collection of mp3s I made with my band about 10 years ago. Everything is LoFi with distortion and dropouts as the jams were recorded onto a dynamic mic and then cassette tape, then transferred to the computer. No processing in post, mistakes not fixed, no song titles, just the code of the tape and a few descriptors. The mixes are often off, and these were just recorded as they come, so can be quite long-winded. But I still find them quite cool.

Synths/keys used are Moog Voyager, Rhodes '73, Rhodes Chroma, a couple with MS-20. Sherman Filterbank, RE-150 Space Echo and Moogerfooger effects. I play bass on a couple.

You'll probably like the "jungle" drum and bass drums (all live), and there's some vocals too. The singer probably prefers that his levels are low :).

Can't be bothered with Soundcloud/youtube at the moment, so I'll post links to dropbox.

I think the delay used here is a Boss DM-300, a 4096 cell BBD. The input is overdriving which gives some very crunchy sounds on the Rhodes. 

If anyone likes, I can post the longer ones which go up to +20 minutes continuous. Mostly it's dub/drum'n'bass style but there are some different ones too.



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Thanks! The sound at the start is the Rhodes Chroma as are the later pads. I can't remember if it was going through any effects, but it's probably the raw synth. The bass is Moog Voyager.

I have another one that sounds a bit like a didge, but it's just a Sherman Filterbank 2. :happy: It's pretty rough though, so I'll save your ears :).



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