Help needed connecting WIlba CS

By bemerritt in MIDIbox SEQ,
So over the weekend I soldered up all of my boards (core, cs, Midi I/O, DOUT, AOUT NG), and am having trouble connecting the CS. I have spent hours reading old topics on the matter, but could use some help. First step, SD card is formatted and I have what I think is the right file in the right place. Connected the boards and get this I used jumpers just to make sure I had the correct pins connected. To J1 i get know response, on J2 i can get all sorts of response by touching the solder pands on the bottom of the baord While connected in this fashion, i get this in MIOS Which makes it looks like buttons are being pressed. Suggesting I have shorts. Looked at every joint under a microscope (I'm used to doing SMT work), and nothing there. Previous threads had called the resistor networks into question. Here is what i used, all showing 5 volts on the common pin. I also left these jumpers empty, which shouldn't be a problem Some other notes - Not all leds are soldered, i just did the 16 bi-colored ones - I defintiely connected the boards backwards, could i have fried my ICs on the CS? (have some new ones on order)   So, any ideas? Anything to help troubleshoot would be awesome. Thanks!   edit: is there an issue with having more than one picture in a post?
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