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MBSEQ V4 config check: TPD and line drivers

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I'm in the process of building an MBSEQ V4 and wanted to check if the general config I have in mind is correct.
At the moment I have the core up and running together with the MBSEQ CS and TPD. I'm building the BLM16x4 now.

My main question is connecting the line drivers to this configuration. Is the configuration as pictured below correct?
I'm not sure about the TPD however as it should be at the end of the chain. As discussed in this thread: 

The line driver receiver with DOUTX4 and AOUT_NG will be located at my modular and will not be part of the MBSEQ main case.


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as far as I know there is no one who has ever tried this and reported back here on the forum.

However, the main problem with unbalanced I/O chains (i.e. chains in which the input chain is much longer or much shorter than the output chain) is that whenever you have a matrix setup at the end of the chain, the timing is messed up. For a matrix configuration, it is important that the output pins are in a specific state at the time when the input pins are read.

In your configuration, however, you have only digital outputs at the end of the chain (after the line driver module). As the integrity of the chains themselves is not altered by the TPD module, in theory this hardware configuration should work without any issue. But, there has been no-one who has tested this in real life so far.

Kind regards, ilmenator

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Although I have decided against using the line drivers in my final setup I did test the line drivers with the DOUTX board today.
I used the following configuration.


It seems to work just fine (as ilmenator predicted :grin:). I will also test this in combination with the AOUT_NG board but must make some cables to make that happen.
I also tested this configuration without the line drivers, with the DOUTX4 board connected directly to the TPD board. This also worked without problems.

Update soon!

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A quick update as I finally tested the configuration below.


Both the DOUTX4 and AOUT_NG modules were connected with line drivers.

This configuration also worked fine. The digital outs worked as it should and I could switch the output voltages of all CV outputs via the CV configuration menu.

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