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[SOLD] MIDI / DAW remote control (Logic Control / Tascam...)


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I’m selling my MIDIBox MIDI / DAW Controller.


This unit was a remote control for a Tascam HD recorder in it’s former life. I exchanged the ‚brain‘ to a MIDIBox Core so it could ‚talk‘ MIDI. It’s based on MB-NG.


Inside the unit are (in addition to the original Tascam boards) a LPC17 Core and a custom PCB with all the DIN/DOUTs. I also added wooden side panels and a LRE 8x2 for 16 encoders.


Since it’s based on MIDIBox the unit is fully customizable. At the moment it’s configured as a mixture between a logic control and a ‚normal‘ MIDI controller: the transport buttons, jog wheel and num buttons are in logic control mode (recognized by your DAW as a logic control), the rest of the buttons, encoders + LEDs are sending/receiving MIDI CCs / Note messages.



16x     encoders with LED rings

1x     jog-wheel (optical)

9x     big transport buttons

66x     small buttons

137x LEDs

1x    7-seg-display (3 characters)

1x     2x20 LCD


2x     MIDI-In

2x     MIDI-Out

1x     USB (4x virtual ports)

1x    Ethernet (OSC)

1x    Power 


It’s powered by USB, but you can also connect an external power supply in case your computer / hub is too weak. 


I’m asking 180,- Euros / or maybe a swap for an iPad / iPad mini (iOS 11 ready).















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