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GM5 driver not supported for STM32F4?

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Hi all,

I received my STM32F4 board in anticipation of building my SeqV4.  I flashed the bootloader with ST-LINK on Win7 x64, and then used MIOS Studio to upload the SeqV4 application.  From there, MIOS Studio doesn't want to talk to my STM32F4 anymore -- it sees 4 Midi ins and 4 Midi outs from the Seq, but no combination of those four ports will let me talk to it -- it says 'no response from device' or something similar.

The bootloader fail-safe mode works (holding the USER button down on reset keeps it in the bootloader).  But I can't communicate to it while it's actually running the Seq app.

I think this is because of the known Win7x64 USB MIDI driver issues.  But I find " The GM5 driver is currently not supported for the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 module, but it's planned to provide it in future!" on the MIOS32 download page... so this driver won't help in this situation?

I'd like to keep the four USB Midi In/Outs because I'll be using this thing with Linux mostly, but I can't get MIOS_Studio working on my Arch Linux install at the moment.  The pre-compiled version didn't work, and compiling it from source caused me some GTK errors that I haven't sussed out.  I'd also like to be able to update the Seq App in the future without having to disassemble my device to get to the button...

Any help?

I'll probably continue debugging the MIOS_Studio app on Linux to avoid Windows as much as possible, but I thought I'd ask here if there were any suggestions.

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You have to restart mios studio when you restart it select seq4 as input and output and then restart mios studio again and it should be working in mios studio again. If you are not seeing seq4 as an option I would reflash the core with the bootloader and then get a fresh copy of the sequencer application and load that after you have reflashed the bootloader.

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Have you tried loading another app like NG? Since you are unable to access the core you will need to clear the stm and reload the bootloader http://ucapps.de/mbhp_core_stm32f4.html Use the ST link software to clear the STM and reload the bootloader. It may be a corrupt app file that was loaded or a failed transfer. It could be a hardware issue as well loading another app may tell you a lot. You may also want to try using another midi interface to talk to the core if you really feel it is a driver issue. You should also be able to talk to the bare core over usb with the power jumper connected and that should eliminate most of you hardware trouble shooting except the possibility of a bad core. It happens I have had a badly soldered core. Since you were able to connect to it with just the bootloader and it failed after loading the app. That tends to point to more of a failed software transfer or possibly a corrupt app file. Less of a driver issue though.

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